Yushin Kougyou provides a variety of services to support human life safely and efficiently as a contractor,a project coordinator and trader.

wind power

Having been promoting wind power, photovoltaic power and small hydro power, we have been contributing a reducing of greenhouse gas emission and securing and effective use of natural resources. Especially wind blows anywhere and we can set up wind generated electricity anywhere.

■Selection of different type of Wind Turbine

4 types in different sizes and capacity of Wind Turbine i.e. [DS300], [DS700], [DS1500], [DS3000] are lined up for various locations such as roof, outlet of ventilation etc.

■Any and All Wind Power can be utilized

Wind Turbine can be installed roof top of office building, hospital and school and nearby outlet of exhaust air.

■Photovoltaic Power Generation

We offer general purpose solar power generation products from the mega solar generation system to the generation of house. To provide a device for a photovoltaic power generation system which enables a good photovoltaic power generation by effectively acquiring a sunlight. We accept the request of the estimate of the photovoltaic power generation.

Photovoltaic systems are composed of several individual components including arrays (multiple connected modules), inverters, controls, safety disconnects, and batteries. By assembling differing sizes of components together, systems can be built with varied power outputs to meet the demands of various loads. Hybrid systems share the load between the solar chargers and the back-up generator. Batteries are still required, plus the DC to AC inverter if regular AC loads will be powered.

The completion ceremony for the 2nd street light was held in SRP(South Road Properties) , Cebu city
on May 5, 2017
SUNSTAR 5/5/2017
FREEMAN 5/5/2017
CEBU City 5/5/2017

The completion ceremony for the street light was held in Cebu city on December 9, 2016
(Right side: Osmena Mayor, left side: our president Kudo)

5/1/2014  Started the sale of Siphon Tank
Supply drinking water purify waste water mobile type easy operation.

5/1/2014  Started the sale and construction of Water Art

  We donated the hybrid street light and the vertical wind turbine power generator (ten sets) to Cebu city Philippines.The following is photos of the held signing ceremony. (Right side: Rama Mayor, left side: our president Kudo)

1/1/2014  Started the sale of Mobile Solar System
For the charge of mobile device by the photovoltaic Power Generation. In disaster,with outdoor and inside of car.

7/1/2013  The hybrid street light and the vertical wind turbine power generator
The hybrid street light and the vertical wind turbine power generator have been installed in many countries over Europe and Asia.

7/1/2013  The lealth drink which came out of biotechniques.
The health drinks which are the polypeptides drinks made from Pineapple fruits fermented by Agarie Bacillus and with kohenruda (Rutachalepensis).
●Kohenruda Extract(720ml)        

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